Improving Admissions Chances to Private Girls Schools in UK


Given that the UK boasts of some of the world’s finest private girls schools, it comes as no big surprise that there are lots of families overseas who have set their sights on getting their daughters admitted to these prestigious British schools. Consequently, due to space limitations, the admissions procedures can be quite be daunting, and the best among them are so always oversubscribed.

There are, however, a couple of things you and your daughter can do to improve her chances of securing an admission in a good private girl’s school in UK.

Prepare for the Interview & Admissions Tests

If your daughter has set her heart on joining a specific private school girl, inevitably she must meet the required admission grades. If she performs well, she’ll be called for an interview. She must not only prepare thoroughly for interview but skillfully. She must not try to sound very clever by presenting pre-prepared phrases and thoughts.

The secrete lies in being genuine, well-informed, and enthusiastic. To perform well, she must get into the regular habit of discussing ideas and concepts, both at home as well as at her current school.

Ensure Her English is Top-Notch

It’s vital that she speaks impeccable English, not just enough to communicate but beautifully. Ensure she gets lots of practice, and if necessary, send her for extra lessons in speaking English. Let her read classic English literature works so as to develop her command of the English vocabulary, syntax, and general knowledge.


Getting admitted to top tier private girls schools in the UK is a highly competitive undertaking. At the end of it all, to be admitted, most private girls schools in the UK aren’t just looking for academic perfection.¬†Beyond the test scores and transcripts, these schools are also keen in looking at the kind of person your daughter will grow up to become later in life.