Independent prep schools

Independent Prep schools in the United Kingdom are student selective, where learners are expected to pay the schools fees. The schools primarily cater for children up to the age of 13 years. The name prep school is derived from the fact that it prepares children to join the Common Entrance Examination, which allows them admittance in to the private independent private secondary schools. Similarly, most parents also take their children to these schools with the hope of winning entrance in good state selective grammar schools.

Typically, Independent prep schools are expected to demonstrate very high standards set by the Independent Association of Prep Schools, and strictly adhere to offering a broad learning curriculum as dictated by the Independent Association of Prep Schools.

While most of the independent prep schools are high-selective, some are non-selective but ensure highly successive learning environment is available, where teachers and the overall school staff offer support and encourage learners at every stage of their education. A varied curriculum is offered to give the students a deep, academic firmness and improve their creativity. Besides, in almost all of the schools, there are extra-curricular activities that aim at providing the children with physical and mental challenges, as well as artistic expression.

Along with that, all independent prep schools are expected to offer pastoral care, which is highly significant in personal development of the pupils. Parents, students, and teachers work hand-in-hand to make sure that learners gain the best possible care. After all, a high self-esteem, happiness, and confidence in oneself are the basis of success in and outside the classroom.

At independent prep schools,  effort is rewarded, strengths recognized, and self-confidence nurtured to create an environment where young people develop into responsible citizens.

Besides, they believe that when government interference is minimized and financial constraints well taken care of, then it becomes easy to tailor education to the needs of the learners.