Norwich Storage Units

As the owner of a small business in Norwich, you know that space is a big deal – rent is one of your biggest costs and you must use whatever space you have rented to generate money. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many businesses. A lot of the space that they have rented is used for storage. If they were to clear it out they could sit more employees there who will help generate more profits. Only one question though: what do we do with all the stuff that we have stored there. The solution is simple and cheap: put in a self storage units.

Using self storage Norwich units for businesses are becoming more and more popular especially in the UK. Business owners realize that they can keep all their business documents, supplies and inventory safely in these units. They are extremely affordable and businesses get to save a lot of money. That said, you must choose self storage units wisely because they are not all the same. Here is what to consider:

•    Security is the most important thing because you don’t want your business to be compromised. Look for a facility that has 24 hour CCTV cameras and additional security such as alarms. Make sure that have unique locks that cannot be broken into.

•    Make sure that the company that you choose has containers that are weather proof. Humidity is a big problem when it comes to storage – if it isn’t controlled it can ruin almost anything that is stored. It also causes mildew which is hard to control. Fortunately, there are several Norwich self storage units that have units that are humidity proof.

•    Cost is another thing that you have to look at. You don’t want to go with a company just because they are cheap – they could be so because they don’t invest in security or temperature controlled units. Co9mpare two or three companies and then choose the one which offers the most value for the least amount of money.

•    Can they move your items into storage? There are many companies that have self storage units in the area but not many of them offer moving services. You want them to move you so that you can avoid disruptions at work. They should also be able to provide different kinds of packaging.