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How to make cheese

Making cheese can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the various tricks and rules. That makes the cheese-making process a bit complicated in addition to its lengthy process. Often people learn how to make cheese at home with homemade cheese, but the problem arises with obtaining the necessary ingredients. The most difficult ingredient in making cheese is milk. However, cheese can be made from regular milk, but the quality of such cheese is generally not that good. What is needed for a high-quality cheese is cream cheese, which is hard to come by.

Fresh milk does not mean freshly packaged milk, as it has been pasteurized. Fresh milk here refers to unpasteurized milk or what is commonly known as raw milk. People have an urban lifestyle these days and don’t have their own livestock at home. Therefore, it is difficult to get fresh or raw milk. It is not always possible to travel miles to get fresh or raw milk from dairies.

What makes cheese making at home with homemade cheeses difficult is the difficult transportation of raw milk. Even if you can figure out where to get your raw milk from, it will be difficult to get that fresh milk into the kitchen from there. Raw milk is not pasteurized and therefore prone to contamination. In dairies, milk is obtained from cows or other animals and is immediately taken for pasteurization. So if you left the milk unpasteurized for some time, the milk would become contaminated, which would be useless. So it’s important that you find an alternative because even with flavored cheese stores and other ingredients, you couldn’t make the best quality cheese if you didn’t get it raw.

If you live near a dairy, you can get the raw material and transport it to your kitchen right away. This is the simplest solution you have. Sometimes there are people who have livestock in their homes, especially in rural areas. So if you have a country house in the rural part of the country, you can get it from the neighbors of the country house. If you are passionate about making cheese with flavored cheese and other ingredients at home, you can buy a cow or borrow someone to get it and then return it to the owner. However, this is not possible in cities, but without many obstacles in rural areas. So if you own a parcel of land in rural areas, you can get the raw milk you need to make quality cheese.


Other cheeses you can make are a feta sheep / goat milk mix. This process will also teach you the art of bringing. What will surprise the beginner in this course is how subtle changes in the overall process produce so many different results for each cheese he makes.

Lastly, you can make a regular Greek-style yogurt, without straining the latter. Learn more about yogurt cultures and yogurt jar incubation here. You can add that to the huge must-have refrigerator to take home all your wonderful creations.

This course is absolutely perfect for beginners: a wonderful setting, an inspiring and experienced Caitlin Hunter instructor, and a great opportunity to prepare such a wide variety of cheeses and yogurts in a short weekend.