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Tips on how to Win Scholarship for College

The scholarship process can be a daunting task, and it is often assumed that only students with exceptional grades, extreme love for campus life, and exemplary extracurricular activities will have any luck getting scholarships. However, there are several different avenues to gain scholarship money, including non-traditional ones such as winning academic competitions or going on a service trip abroad. Here are fantastic tips that will help you win a college scholarship:

Reach out to the student organizations on campus for scholarship opportunities

Student organizations are often an excellent resource for scholarship money and offer numerous opportunities for students who want to win a scholarship. These campus organizations have a budget that may be explicitly earmarked for awarding scholarships to their members, or they may partner with local businesses and award scholarships through the partnership. If there is a student organization on your chosen campus available to you as an incoming first-year student, do not hesitate to reach out! You never know what opportunities might be available until you ask.

Get involved in campus life to increase your chances of winning scholarships.

One of the best ways to get scholarship money is by getting involved in the campus community. Students who stay busy on campus, across various activities, have a much better chance of landing a few scholarship dollars than those who ignore what is going on at their school. If you are an incoming freshman hoping to win scholarship money, look for clubs or organizations that share your interests, and find ways to get involved. Participating in clubs is also a great way to meet new people and make friends at your school!

Attend conferences, workshops, and seminars sponsored by your college scholarship

Attending college-sponsored events is a great way to get exposed to scholarship money and meet scholarship deadlines. For instance, at SFC school, you can get a variety of scholarships available for attendees of these events. Some even allow you to win two awards for the price of one! Another excellent opportunity for students who want money for college is attending career fairs and job interviews throughout their first semester. Students can attend interviews with potential donors at these fairs and earn extra cash during their first semester without paying for it.

Do an internship or job interview to earn extra scholarship money during your first semester.

One way to win scholarship money is by doing an internship or job interview before your first year. Even if you are denied a chance to the school of your choice or do not know where you want to attend college yet, you can still apply for scholarships and use the money to help pay for your first year. Many of these scholarships also have a service requirement attached, meaning you will be giving back to the community while getting money for school.

Think about how different scholarship programs will help you to pay for college

The more specific your scholarship application is regarding how your award can help pay college tuition and other university fees, the better chance you will receive it. As an example, if your scholarship covers tuition only, that is not as helpful as one that helps cover all the extra expenses of attending school (for example, books and room and board costs) because the latter may allow you to focus on a specific area of study while paying less attention to others in which case you may be wasting valuable academic time.

Research about the scholarship requirements

Get to know the requirements for the scholarship that you are interested in, especially if you are a minority or female. For example, at SFC college several scholarships are offered specifically to women who wish to pursue a career in science and engineering fields that require them to take and pass specific courses while in high school. As another example, there may be scholarships available only to minority applicants that require them to maintain a particular GPA while at the same time encouraging them to study a specific subject area.

If you are a high school student, you may be considering the idea of winning a scholarship for college. You can win a scholarship for college by learning as much as you can about the scholarships offered, understanding how they are evaluated, and putting together a competitive application.


Private girls college

St Francis College is a private, all-girls college located in the third wealthiest county of Monaco. The campus occupies 30 acres of land about 4 miles southwest of Monaco’s city center, surrounded by green countryside. A long circular driveway leads to the very modern-looking entrance with large windows shaped like triangles. On entering the building, you are met by large stairs leading up to four different floors connected by two elevators.

The student body is made up entirely of females between ages 12 and 18 who come from 23 different countries. St Francis College has no official religious affiliation, yet most students opt for Catholicism as their religious denomination because it is offered as an available subject alongside more widely known disciplines such as English literature, French, maths, science, and the arts.

The subject of religious studies was only introduced six years ago. Yet, it has already become immensely popular among students who realize its benefits in terms of later life opportunities. Each student is required to study at least three languages in addition to their mother tongue, which is compulsory for all classes, so native speakers are not at a disadvantage. Each student also receives private tutoring in whatever field she excels in when deemed necessary by her teachers. Furthermore, there are many extracurricular activities that students can engage in if they choose to do so after school or on weekends. For example, sports enthusiasts can join one of St Francis College’s eleven different clubs ranging from horse riding and swimming to tennis and volleyball.

Teachers at St Francis College are obliged to have university degrees in addition to completing five years of internship with the school itself, during which they receive coaching from previous teachers, after which they are allowed to tutor their own students.

St Francis College was founded in 1965 by a French missionary order. Since then, it has been run entirely by nuns who also reside on campus. The college is funded through tuition costs and donations from its alumni and supporters, such as parents whose children attend this esteemed institution, along with various other benefactors, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. It is said that Miss Angelica Smith donated $60 million towards building two new floors: one dedicated to religious studies and another one to the arts. However, she has since requested that her name remain anonymous when mentioned to others, so it is not for us to speculate whether or not this was an act of humility on her behalf.

The founder and president of St Francis College, Mother Mary Veronica, oversees all operations in collaboration with five other nuns who share responsibilities such as the college’s advancement through fundraising, public relations and any legal issues that might need resolving. However, the highest authority lies with Mother Superior herself, who appoints all teachers and monitors progress throughout the school year by conducting surprise visits to classes that are never announced beforehand. It is said that during these unannounced visits, she often catches students daydreaming because they forget about the nun’s presence once class starts (this is heresy according to the Catholic faith).

education Food

How to make cheese

Making cheese can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the various tricks and rules. That makes the cheese-making process a bit complicated in addition to its lengthy process. Often people learn how to make cheese at home with homemade cheese, but the problem arises with obtaining the necessary ingredients. The most difficult ingredient in making cheese is milk. However, cheese can be made from regular milk, but the quality of such cheese is generally not that good. What is needed for a high-quality cheese is cream cheese, which is hard to come by.

Fresh milk does not mean freshly packaged milk, as it has been pasteurized. Fresh milk here refers to unpasteurized milk or what is commonly known as raw milk. People have an urban lifestyle these days and don’t have their own livestock at home. Therefore, it is difficult to get fresh or raw milk. It is not always possible to travel miles to get fresh or raw milk from dairies.

What makes cheese making at home with homemade cheeses difficult is the difficult transportation of raw milk. Even if you can figure out where to get your raw milk from, it will be difficult to get that fresh milk into the kitchen from there. Raw milk is not pasteurized and therefore prone to contamination. In dairies, milk is obtained from cows or other animals and is immediately taken for pasteurization. So if you left the milk unpasteurized for some time, the milk would become contaminated, which would be useless. So it’s important that you find an alternative because even with flavored cheese stores and other ingredients, you couldn’t make the best quality cheese if you didn’t get it raw.

If you live near a dairy, you can get the raw material and transport it to your kitchen right away. This is the simplest solution you have. Sometimes there are people who have livestock in their homes, especially in rural areas. So if you have a country house in the rural part of the country, you can get it from the neighbors of the country house. If you are passionate about making cheese with flavored cheese and other ingredients at home, you can buy a cow or borrow someone to get it and then return it to the owner. However, this is not possible in cities, but without many obstacles in rural areas. So if you own a parcel of land in rural areas, you can get the raw milk you need to make quality cheese.


Other cheeses you can make are a feta sheep / goat milk mix. This process will also teach you the art of bringing. What will surprise the beginner in this course is how subtle changes in the overall process produce so many different results for each cheese he makes.

Lastly, you can make a regular Greek-style yogurt, without straining the latter. Learn more about yogurt cultures and yogurt jar incubation here. You can add that to the huge must-have refrigerator to take home all your wonderful creations.

This course is absolutely perfect for beginners: a wonderful setting, an inspiring and experienced Caitlin Hunter instructor, and a great opportunity to prepare such a wide variety of cheeses and yogurts in a short weekend.

education UK Boarding

The best private boarding schools for your daughter

St. Francis’ college in Hertfordshire is an exemplary private boarding school for girls. This school has been serving the public for more than 75 years in the city. The day and boarding school is well versed, experienced and quality one for the children. The first-rate records both academically and in other activities have elevated the image of the school further. This girls’ school is well known among many people in the city. The priceless and unmatching educational service of the school is recognized by parents like you. The school has won many awards for its outstanding contribution to society by producing many successful candidates so far.

Do you like your kid to join the school? why

  • It is a dream for every parent to send their daughters to St. Francis College without fail. Why it is so? Do you the real reason? It is estimated that the school offers unique and quality education to children in a comprehensive way. Yet another quality feature of St. Francis’ college is focussing on kids hysical and mental health to a greater extent. The social values of the children are developed which begins the kid joins the school.
  • There are several factors responsible for the success of the school in the city. Not only is the brilliance of the school but the dedication and commitment of the staff also responsible. So you can depend on the school for your kid’s future blindly. The past academic records of the school are top examples of other parents who have daughters in the houses.
  • The children are given vigorous training in all the fields that are essential in life. Sports, cultural events, and debate sessions are given importance by the school management. Hence, the school management has appointed a separate teacher for each student to take care of. The separate teacher makes the student feel comfortable and flexible on the school campus. They teach the kid about society, challenges they have outside the world, and how to tackle those challenges.
  • The ultimate aim of St. Francis’ college is to bring the quality aspect of kid top. The innate talent of each kid is developed like a tree by the school management. Overall, each kid becomes a mature individual in terms of responsibilities, skills, and behavior.
  • Innovative classroom education and a wide range of teaching methodologies make student study interesting here.

What about other features?

The parents can feel a great sigh of relief because boarding facilities by the college management are top of the line. All facilities are offered during the stay of children. Exclusively, the kid is treated on par excellence so that they feel comfortable without any hassle.

Yet another important benefit for kids is alumni meeting with the old students. Yes, the management arranges past students to meet the present students for sharing experiences and challenges they faced. This is an excellent opportunity for the present students to know about their future in-depth.

If you are satisfied with the college performance, approach the college officials for admission.


Consider The Qualities of Private Schools in Hertfordshire

Private schools in Hertfordshire were able to provide students and their parents with necessities and wanted public schools to do not. Any national, state or local government does not operate these private schools, and therefore they are considered independent schools. These schools are free to accept students, depending on their rules and capabilities, as well as for the fee that these students send to work. These schools also provide academic, artistic, and sports scholarships to brilliant students, so that money problems do not impede knowledge and talents. These schools are also very picky about the standard of education, for which exclusive quality control is supported, and they often pass entrance exams to ensure that only bright students are part of their organization. So private schools were able to maintain the right level of education at the primary and secondary levels.

Private school exams are organized and supervised by the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE), the Hertfordshire School Certificate Exam (ICSE), or other relevant boards. These schools are known for supporting a rational approach to their employees and students, which allows them to understand them better. Several schools in Hertfordshire are also rapidly gaining popularity among the best private schools in Hertfordshire due to their idealistic approach and dedicated services. Having a large number of private schools in Hertfordshire much helped the government transfer a large crowd. The efforts of these private schools are aimed at giving their students more than just education for the development of their common personalities.

Why is it considered the best private school?

  1. Individual attention. The smaller number of private schools from their public colleagues allows us to devote more attention and time to teachers for each student. This allows for more personal and overall development. Private schools promote better collaboration with parents. This is logically better for the student, as the two most influential entities in the development of the child, school and parents, suddenly become much more significant. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. Academic issues. Schools can afford the luxury of more than limited means. In public schools, funds are spent more when they are best reflected in test results. Therefore, many are taught to reflect higher grades. This should not be. Therefore, schools are only liable to their customers. Consequently, they explain what they consider best for the development of the child. As learning becomes more interactive, the child shows more promises to succeed. A balanced program. Again, this is where increased funding shows its extraordinary benefits. Schools offer equal parts of academic, sports, and extracurricular education. A stable teaching method allows people to be more complete than you might expect. You not only teach children to learn, but you teach them to be better. This is a trademark of the best school.
  3. Religious teaching. The law itself states that religion has no place in the public school class. Private schools do not interfere with such legal considerations. Most, if not all, private schools in America are denominational. These schools, in turn, provide religious instruction. Religion may not seem so important in the general plan of things, but it keeps children punished and less susceptible to immoral persecution. Thus, religion serves as a guide to how impressionable young men and women should behave in society. This can only be an advantage for the child in the long run.

Today’s students are not satisfied that they sit in their classes and read textbooks. Gone are the days when engineers and doctors were aces. Today, thinking has changed, opportunities have improved, and students are not only thinking about traditional areas of employment. The founders and directors of the best schools in Hertfordshire are well aware of these current needs, so they take a new and fresh approach and environment to their schools. Sports, collaborative and other unique talents are highly valued and improvised by these schools when hiring professional trainers and teachers for such students. They also provide students with playrooms, swimming pools, gyms, air-conditioned laboratories, technically advanced equipment, first aid and much more so that they are always up to date with changing times and technologies and satisfy their small needs.


Act tutoring rates

When it comes to online tutoring, there are two basic questions that most people want to answer: what can they expect and what does it cost? Although the answers to these questions vary depending on the online tutoring you choose, there are some basic similarities that cover all tutorial pages. Here’s a brief overview of the answers to these questions.

What to expect from online tutoring

1st time

One of the biggest potential benefits of using online tutoring is that you can use it at any time. Unlike traditional tutorial sources, depending on the program you use, you can schedule an appointment whenever it is available or it can appear whenever you want. Also, you are usually not tied to a specific time period. The internet is “turned on” everyday and most online tutoring sites are as well. That said, if you have a 3-hour night job and free time, you can still find an online tutor to help.

  1. Technology

Since it is taught online depending on the subject, it uses different technologies. The most commonly used devices include: a webcam, speakers and a microphone. There are so many options available that you may have to use different technologies.

  1. Tools and resources

Your tutor should be considered unique or a resource that you have access to. This means you may be able to use them in different ways. Most of the time you will be supported with tasks and content that are dealt with in your traditional classes. They can review documents, review math homework, and even help you learn a new language. No matter what you need help with, there are a variety of tutoring programs on the internet that can help you. Another common reason people use tutors is simply to supplement their own independent training. For example, if you are trying to learn a new language or HTML program, you can connect to a tutor who can interact with you in real time to help you with any problem. You can also correct mistakes that you made by mistake before they became a bad habit.

How much does online tutoring cost?

It’s different to set a price for tutoring on the internet because there are so many different options. However, there are two basic cost structures to consider. The most common seems to be an hourly rate (can be every 30 minutes or even a minute). Most of the time you come across websites that act as intermediaries and connect you directly to an online tutor who can meet your needs. The second type of payment structure is a flat rate, which can be weekly, monthly or annual. This payment structure is most commonly used on community tutoring or chat websites.

Paid tutoring would be a little harder to get. This is definitely a road that requires additional work on your part. Starting as an unpaid tutor in your spare time would be a huge benefit as it is also the fastest way to expand your resume. You also have the right to receive recommendations from the administrator, your teacher and even your students. Hiring a paid tutor is becoming more difficult unless you are 17 or older, but it is still possible. There are several ways to get your attention. One is to put leaflets in prominent places, and another to use word of mouth. You can also ask teachers to recommend you as a paid tutor, and this would definitely be your best bet. You must show the teacher that you have the ability to be a good tutor.

An important part of the learning process to provide a high school tutoring service is the need to meet your own strict learning guidelines. If you don’t, your own qualifications will fall. It is a delicate balancing act and requires time management skills.


AP calculus ab 2019 curve for results

Since calculus is one of the mandatory subjects for students studying engineering, science, technology, business related courses, most colleges in the United States have at least one calculus course. Students can get credit for the course in their college by taking the advanced placement(AP) tests for calculus (calc) conducted by the college board. Students who wish to get credits for only one semester calculus course can take the ab calculus exam of the college board. Though all students would like to get the best score possible, they would like to check the ap calc ab 2019 curve to find out the percentage of students who get different scores to find out if it is worth the effort.

The AB calculus exam covers fewer calculus topics like limits, functions and graphs, integrals, derivatives and their related applications. Like most normalized or scaled scores for the AP tests, the 2019 curve is having a bell like shape, with a larger number of students having average scores, and a smaller number of students have very high or very low scores. The score of the student for the curve is derived from the composite raw scores of the student, which vary between 0 and 108. There are multiple choice questions and free answer questions for the ab calculus test.

In 2019, the number of students taking the AP calculus tests increased by approximately 5000. The percentage of students whose score was three or more in calculus AB was slightly higher than the corresponding number of students in 2017 and 2018. The number of students having a score of 5 was 19.1%, 18.7% of students had a score of 4, 20.6% of the students had a score of three, while the number of students with a score of two and one was 23.3% and 18.3% respectively. Hence approximately 58.4% students who took the tests had a score of three or more.

Most colleges will recognize students who have a score of three or more in the AB calculus exam, to give the student course credits. The college board claims that a score of three means that the student is qualified, four is well qualified, and five corresponds to extremely well qualified. The curves of the scores are determined by the college board, so that the results are consistent, and to standardize them. Since the scores are considered equivalent to the college courses, the College board, is strict while grading the papers to maintain their standards.


Factors Determining the Sat Tutor Price Per Hour

There are many factors that determine the Sat tutor price per hour. One of them is the amount of experience the tutor has. If the tutor has been in the industry for a long time then you can expect her to command a hefty price. Of course, the same can’t be said if she has been teaching for only a few weeks. It would be better to opt for an experienced tutor though so you can get great results. Besides, this is one time when you should not be worried about the money you will spend on the tutor. You should be concerned about getting high grades in the SAT since it will determine whether you can get into college or not. It is hard enough to get into the colleges you prefer since those things have a reputation to take care of. It is understandable for them to not let just about any student in If they can, they scan each student one by one to see if they have the capabilities to live up to their potential. The SAT is their way of doing so since doing it one by one will take them a long time.

Another factor determining the Sat tutor price per hour is the whereabouts. It will most likely be cheaper if the sessions are done online. Besides, both of you won’t have to exert any effort to going to a meeting place. You will need to spend more money if you need to met at a co-working space. That would be tremendously difficult for both parties as it would still depend if they would be comfortable at the co-working space. It is possible the place would get noisy at time as that would depend how many people are there. When that happens, you may have a hard time concentrating on the task at hand. In addition, you will need to check whether the place has some nice amenities. When you do the entire thing online, you won’t have to worry about the time you are going to do it. You won’t even need to worry about getting dressed for the tutoring sessions since you can be in your sleeping attire. You just don’t need to let the tutor see what attire you are in as that would be unprofessional. That should be the least of your worries anyway as you should be focused on learning.


Star Tutors- AP Calculus AB Exam Information

You’ve survived AP Calculus all year, its been tough but you’ve made it! Only one thing is left, the dreaded exam. Below you will find AP calculus AB exam information, that will help you understand the test, what is included, as well as how to best prepare for the exam.

The AP calculus AB exam is the culmination of a years worth of learning, topics that you will be familiar with after having taken the course and that will be on the exam include: differential and integral calculus, connecting representations, and using correct language, mathematical conventions, and notation to communicate your findings effectively. The exam itself is broken down into two major sections each of which make up 50% of the exam score. multiple choice, and free response. The multiple choice section is made up of 45 questions, for which students will be given 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. The free response section is made up of 6 questions, the allotted time to answer the free response questions is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It should be noted that the multiple choice section is broken down into two smaller parts, part A and part B. A graphing calculator is not allowed on part A, but is allowed on part B. Similarly the free response section is also divided into parts A and B, however for this section the rules are flipped and a graphing calculator is allowed during Part A but not during Part B.

How should students prepare, beyond their normal coursework for the exam? With the AP calculus AB exam information provided by the testing service (College Board) experts, namely testing tutors have a strong knowledge base from which they can prepare students for the exam. One notable tutoring company I saw after completing a quick google search was Star Tutors. Star Tutors offers an AP calculus review class that will prepare students for the rigors of testing day, the class meets for three weeks in the spring, prior to the official College Board AP calculus testing date. The course curriculum includes previously administered free response questions according to the Star Tutors website, as well as a review of the four core topics of calculus: series, integrals, derivatives, and limits.

Now that you have some background info on the AP Calculus AB exam, as well as information on how to prepare to the best of your abilities, the next step is acing the exam!


Get admission into your dream college with sat test prep

When you are preparing to get admission into your dream college, you will need to do a lot of arrangements that will help you get the best outcome from your efforts. Even while filling the college applications, you will need to mention the sat score that you get during the exam so that you can beat the other students to get into a reputable college of your choice. Hence, you will need to consider sat test prep as it is the best way of getting the best scores for the exam. You will also get into top-rated colleges that still consider these scores as an important part of application evaluation process for accepting students for their college seat.

When you are beginning to make preparations for SAT, you will need to make sure that you will use the sat scores so that you will also get scholarship eligibility for getting a low amount of fees for studying in college. Moreover, the higher the score that you get in sat; it will enhance your chances of beating other students so that you can get excellent marks in the exam. The admission decisions of the college are taken by the authorized person only after assessing the score that you get in the exam and hence you will need to work hard for preparing for this exam. Therefore, it is very important to consider these prep classes that have been especially designed for covering the important subjects and your weakness will become strength by the experienced tutor of the tuition center. Moreover, the sat prep will also define the future opportunities of students as they will be able to get into the college of their dream. You will also be able to navigate into the path that will be filled with success because the sat exams will offer you the opportunity of achieving your dreams. All the colleges and universities of United States accept the marks of the sat exam and you will also enjoy college application fee waivers on the basis of the sat score. Moreover you will also get regular financial aids from the college if you are the most deserving student so that you will enjoy financial freedom.

The sat test prep also enables you to make preparations for the exams while building your skills over time so that you will stay on the right course and you will get support from the expert teachers. Hence, you will not have to face the stressful situation where your score will not be up to the mark because prior preparations will help you get acceptable from your dream college. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a college where you want to continue your studies as it also allows you to select the subject that you want to pursue in your future. Even any changes in the sat exam will be notified during the classes so that you can make preparations for the same and get the skills and knowledge that you are looking for.