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The best private boarding schools for your daughter

St. Francis’ college in Hertfordshire is an exemplary private boarding school for girls. This school has been serving the public for more than 75 years in the city. The day and boarding school is well versed, experienced and quality one for the children. The first-rate records both academically and in other activities have elevated the image of the school further. This girls’ school is well known among many people in the city. The priceless and unmatching educational service of the school is recognized by parents like you. The school has won many awards for its outstanding contribution to society by producing many successful candidates so far.

Do you like your kid to join the school? why

  • It is a dream for every parent to send their daughters to St. Francis College without fail. Why it is so? Do you the real reason? It is estimated that the school offers unique and quality education to children in a comprehensive way. Yet another quality feature of St. Francis’ college is focussing on kids hysical and mental health to a greater extent. The social values of the children are developed which begins the kid joins the school.
  • There are several factors responsible for the success of the school in the city. Not only is the brilliance of the school but the dedication and commitment of the staff also responsible. So you can depend on the school for your kid’s future blindly. The past academic records of the school are top examples of other parents who have daughters in the houses.
  • The children are given vigorous training in all the fields that are essential in life. Sports, cultural events, and debate sessions are given importance by the school management. Hence, the school management has appointed a separate teacher for each student to take care of. The separate teacher makes the student feel comfortable and flexible on the school campus. They teach the kid about society, challenges they have outside the world, and how to tackle those challenges.
  • The ultimate aim of St. Francis’ college is to bring the quality aspect of kid top. The innate talent of each kid is developed like a tree by the school management. Overall, each kid becomes a mature individual in terms of responsibilities, skills, and behavior.
  • Innovative classroom education and a wide range of teaching methodologies make student study interesting here.

What about other features?

The parents can feel a great sigh of relief because boarding facilities by the college management are top of the line. All facilities are offered during the stay of children. Exclusively, the kid is treated on par excellence so that they feel comfortable without any hassle.

Yet another important benefit for kids is alumni meeting with the old students. Yes, the management arranges past students to meet the present students for sharing experiences and challenges they faced. This is an excellent opportunity for the present students to know about their future in-depth.

If you are satisfied with the college performance, approach the college officials for admission.

UK Boarding

St Francis College- a place where girl students learn life

Do you want to impart quality education to your little girl tot? If yes, you need to seek admission into St Francis College in Letchworth Garden City. This private girl school is an independent place for girls aged between 3-18 with day and boarding facilities. The school is completely unique in all aspects of education standards. The quality of teaching here is topnotch and top on the line by imparting social responsivities and improving personal values among girl students. The updated modern education is given to the students that are based on Christine principles. The special feature of the college is that they recognize the skills and potential of each student join here. The staff spends time with students by enriching their skills and nurture it till they leave college.

The school has been inciting in the city for more than seventy-five years imparting reduction to girl students. The traditional values of the school are sustained to date by the exclusive staff members of the college. The main aim of the college is to govern each student with an academic syllabus, enriching their personal skills, improving the students’ social awareness, and overall concentrating on their behavior as a perfect human. The girl students enjoy a lot in this school due to the individual attention of the teachers and caregivers in all directions. The students not only excel in studies but also in extracurricular activities. So, the student becomes a complete person when she leaves school for her life. The student is shaped into a talented individual so that she faces the real world with all stuff

The admission process the college is very unique because they select the student based on her stuff, interest, and qualifications. They require a student who is not only interested in studies but also in other fields so that she can become an independent person once she leaves college. The college admission starts from three years of age for kindergarten admission. The student has to register her details and followed by an entrance examination based on her age and skills.

The boarding facility is given to the students aged from Prep VI to Upper Sixth. The boarding facility makes the girl a self-reliant and could mingle with many students. The staff and students work together in this environment and can gain an edge in their life skills, The girls are given full independent and are supported in their studies. The girls feel very comfortable, the upper hand in the college situation, and more motivated inside the campus.

The sixth form chances are given to the students and hence they became a full-fledged person both in the study and in life. The individual contribution of the student to this society is enriched. The abroad trips are arranged for the student by the school management so that they get exposure to the world by observing.

The school authorities conduct regular public gatherings by inviting old students to mingle with the new students. These events make the students become successful in all aspects. Indeed, the students are prepared well to face the real challenges of life.

UK Boarding

British boarding schools

The feeling of nostalgia in children and the “empty nest syndrome” are the arguments given by many people against the concept of boarding schools. However, today’s parents are quite justified, as are the children. Parents think about it in a balanced way. Emotions do not drive the decision-making process for the British boarding schools,

Times have changed with the context of boarding schools in India. If we compare the scenario with the early seventies, when there were few options available and many of them were quite expensive. The educational methods were mainly outdated and the British style. However, the scenario has changed today and great schools are available with high quality education and comprehensive development.

Neither parent will deny that education is an important aspect of children’s overall development. Among the different types of educational institutes, boarding schools or residential schools, they are famous for the quality of education and discipline. Mountain resorts have traditionally been preferred by boarding schools because of the scenic beauty, the peaceful and peaceful surroundings and the healthy environment without pollution. The best inmates in british boarding schools are famous for good education and overall child development. The best residential school for girls in british boarding schools is recognized in the world.

Today’s parents are more concerned about their children’s development and involved in giving them the best opportunities in life. The role of the father has changed especially well and he is aware of the lesser development of children, academics or otherwise. Schools also pay close attention to studies and other activities. Students handle it differently, depending on their abilities.

Parents today have a strong argument for inmates:

a) Parents feel their children become independent and learn to handle different situations and people. Increase decision-making capacity.

b) Parents think that children become experts in different traits. They develop both physically and mentally. Students learn different skills and develop a strong mind and body.

c) Today’s parents feel that it is not possible to explore global opportunities by acquiring basic education in accordance with Indian education style. Children need exposure to the international standard of studies. High-class internships have links to world-class institutes, and so children have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the international entrepreneur. Students gain hands-on experience with culture and lifestyle with other countries through student exchange programs for the British boarding schools

d) There is an obvious advantage of the brand associated with boarding schools for parents. The quality of education receives a boost because of the big names associated with boarding schools. These schools appoint good quality teachers. The infrastructure is quite good and the children have immense exposure to world class facilities.

It is quite evident that parents do not hesitate to send their children to boarding schools. Sometimes the image and social status increase. It is not uncommon today to send girls to boarding schools. In the mountain schools there are great educational facilities available for girls. Interns have really changed the way children are educated for the British boarding schools.