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St Francis College- a place where girl students learn life

Do you want to impart quality education to your little girl tot? If yes, you need to seek admission into St Francis College in Letchworth Garden City. This private girl school is an independent place for girls aged between 3-18 with day and boarding facilities. The school is completely unique in all aspects of education standards. The quality of teaching here is topnotch and top on the line by imparting social responsivities and improving personal values among girl students. The updated modern education is given to the students that are based on Christine principles. The special feature of the college is that they recognize the skills and potential of each student join here. The staff spends time with students by enriching their skills and nurture it till they leave college.

The school has been inciting in the city for more than seventy-five years imparting reduction to girl students. The traditional values of the school are sustained to date by the exclusive staff members of the college. The main aim of the college is to govern each student with an academic syllabus, enriching their personal skills, improving the students’ social awareness, and overall concentrating on their behavior as a perfect human. The girl students enjoy a lot in this school due to the individual attention of the teachers and caregivers in all directions. The students not only excel in studies but also in extracurricular activities. So, the student becomes a complete person when she leaves school for her life. The student is shaped into a talented individual so that she faces the real world with all stuff

The admission process the college is very unique because they select the student based on her stuff, interest, and qualifications. They require a student who is not only interested in studies but also in other fields so that she can become an independent person once she leaves college. The college admission starts from three years of age for kindergarten admission. The student has to register her details and followed by an entrance examination based on her age and skills.

The boarding facility is given to the students aged from Prep VI to Upper Sixth. The boarding facility makes the girl a self-reliant and could mingle with many students. The staff and students work together in this environment and can gain an edge in their life skills, The girls are given full independent and are supported in their studies. The girls feel very comfortable, the upper hand in the college situation, and more motivated inside the campus.

The sixth form chances are given to the students and hence they became a full-fledged person both in the study and in life. The individual contribution of the student to this society is enriched. The abroad trips are arranged for the student by the school management so that they get exposure to the world by observing.

The school authorities conduct regular public gatherings by inviting old students to mingle with the new students. These events make the students become successful in all aspects. Indeed, the students are prepared well to face the real challenges of life.