Loft Conversion

Intriguing Loft conversion ideas

Loft conversion ideas are plentiful. They range from the excessively expensive to the reasonably priced and on to ones that cost next to nothing. From simple changes that don’t involve any demolition work, like shifting a wall, adding some windows and extra ceiling light, or hanging a TV at an angle in the corner of your one-room space, to more complicated projects involving structural alterations such as roof adjustments or window installations, there are plenty of loft conversion ideas out there for you. Here are a handful of tips to help you create the ideal space for yourself:

  1. Make use of a pitched roof

This option is perfect if you have plenty of headroom above your new sleeping quarters. You could also add a mezzanine floor area over the bedroom, which would give those in the bedroom lots of privacy while letting them enjoy the open-plan living space below without disturbing anyone.

  1. Install a skylight

This is another quickest and most cost-effective way to convert an attic. If you have good visibility throughout the space, it’s also one of the most fun. It would be great for creating a modern home office or a sunny lounge area that can double as an upper-level bedroom.

  1. Make use of an old staircase

A staircase will likely be unused space in your house, so use it wisely! This particular loft conversion idea uses deep hallways to create two rooms and several steps up from ground level to provide storage space for art and other items that you don’t want to clutter up your main room.

  1. Use the rafters to create an enclosed mezzanine

This is a design that can be adapted to suit your space. And it’s great if you have lots of things you don’t want others to see, as these secret compartments are just big enough for a bed and a piece of furniture.

  1. Install floor-to-ceiling windows

While bay windows can cost tens of thousands of pounds, the same effect can be achieved by installing floor-to-ceiling windows, which are much less expensive. If you need inspiration for colors and materials for your new room makeover, look at the surrey lofts reviews for images of modern loft conversions and get lots of ideas from photos posted by homeowners!

  1. Make use of a suspended ‘shelf.’

This particular loft conversion idea relies on the fact that the rafter above is at roof height, so this plan involves installing a series of ‘shelf brackets’ to support floor-to-ceiling curtains, blinds, or other types of window coverings. A good example is featured at the top of this blog post.

  1. Install a floating staircase

If you have a particularly tall ceiling, this loft conversion idea may be for you and it makes it much easier to access the attic space from the main room!

When creating loft conversion ideas, remember that space is not just about square footage. Depending on what it is that you need the space for, you need to ensure that it has enough space around it so that you can move around freely without bumping into things or getting stuck.

Loft Conversion

Know the reasons why loft extension project is an excellent option .

With the price of properties sky rocketing, it is next to impossible to invest in a new home when your new home is not able to accommodate the growing needs of your family. This is the reason why you should consider loft extension as it is an excellent way in which you can get an added space into your existing space. The entire process is extremely simple and cost effective because you will no longer have to go through the long drawn and expensive process of relocation. Additionally, rather than going to a new home, you should add a loft into your existing space so that it will be beneficial for your entire family over a long period of time. With the additional space that you get, you can use the space as a home office, extra bedroom, living area, bathroom or any other room of your choice so that you will get the intended results. You also need to hire the right kind of professionals who will help you with the project so that you will enjoy successful results from the loft extension project in your property. Whether you wish to increase your space or property value, you can easily accomplish it by adding a loft so that you will enjoy the best outcome from the completion of the project in the best possible manner.

There are many reasons why loft extension is the best option for you and the most important reason is that it helps in accommodating the needs of your family and hence you should make sure that your property will complement your lifestyle. You can easily optimize the available space in your home with the help of loft extension project so that your living space will be extended. It will eventually help you to create a space that is exactly according to your preference and lifestyle as it helps in making the entire space look visually appealing. This is a project that has been increasing in popularity in the recent times because it increases the living space and it is more comfortable so that you can live comfortably with your family members. You need to look for the best designs of the loft that you want to choose for your home so that you can easily opt for a design and style that is most feasible for your needs.

Loft extension project is also known to be energy efficient option where you can easily get a comfortable space in your indoors so that you can reduce carbon footprint. Additionally, it also allows you to save money on energy bills when you use the best designs and styles of loft that will enable more natural light to enter into your property. This is a feature that is more appealing for the future home buyers as they prefer investing in property with loft so that they will get an added space in the property. You will get a perfect space that offers a mesmerizing look and this has been possible with the loft extension projects for your home.

Loft Conversion

Surrey’s loft reviews are paramount

Do you plan to renovate your home?

Renovating homes is a big task for all customers. It requires a specialist who is well experienced and talented. If you decide to transform your home consider hiring a surrey’s loft conversion specialist in your city. The surrey’s loft firm has multitalented professionals and versatile staff to give you the fullest satisfaction. You can hire specialists for your requirement by contacting them directly at the office. You will not be charged for the first-time discussion by the specialists. So, you shall get the details for your loft conversions to task easily.

Why you need surrey’s loft firm?

Surrey’s loft firm is well versed and experienced company serving customers for many years. The updated technologies and equipment make your task simple and facile. The team first inspects the place of the customers with its latest technologies. It gives the report to the customers about the project and details of a working plan. If the customer accepts the plan, the firm starts the work at the place with minimum disruption to the customers. The customers do not get any problems at their places when the work is in progress. The reason is that the firm effectively organizes the work and well planned.

Other features

  • The firm gives ten years structural guarantee to the customer with complete plans of work details. The firm assures of the quality and is responsible for the issues that occur after the service.
  • The firm enhances the home renovation task to the core satisfaction of the customers.
  • The firm employees only qualified and certified architects at the place. Hence, the customer is assured of the best work at the place without any hassle.
  • The Great communication and trustworthiness of the office professionals lift the confidence of the customers.
  • The company always appoints different managers at the spot such as team leader, work supervisor, and contract manager. This is to make communication easier between the customers and the company. The customer can contact the head office for any issues through these managers. The managers make the entire process simple and clarify their queries at the earliest.
  • The surrey’s loft firm sends the building plan for approval from the concerned councils on behalf of the customer. They have contact with all higher officials in the city.
  • The customer can get the party wall agreement with the assistance of surrey’s loft professionals.
  • Moreover, the firm finishes the project on time and within budget.

You can contact surrey’s loft company

The company is contacted by you if you need a free quote for your expectations. The company service department is ready to help you at any time for your inquiry. Hence, the company stands at the top of the list in the market for so many years. You are the luckiest person if you get the work of surrey’s loft company for your home transformation work. The quality and state-of-the-art work of the firm is always remarkable and recommendable. Indeed, you can feel comfortable and happy after the service by the surrey’s loft conversion specialist.

Loft Conversion

What are Common Positive Comments Found at Sorrey Loft Reviews?

You can find a bunch of Sorrey loft reviews on Google and there are quite a lot of people who would sound off on their experiences. They would not be shy when it comes to sounding off on their experiences when it comes to hiring Sorrey Lofts for their groundbreaking services. It goes to show how popular they are among the people in the United Kingdom. You will commonly see that they will be more than happy to transform your place into a loft as that would increase the value of the property. Besides, it would mean that you will take advantage of the entire space given to you providing the fact that you spent so much to renovate it. When the family is growing, better make use of your small space so the kids can move around and enjoy their lives while they are still a bit younger than they look.

The Sorrey Loft reviews say that the team is pretty much easy to communicate with. Besides, that goes to show how much they enjoy doing their jobs. It is a common belief that they work long hours and that could not be any farther from the truth. Yes, they are passionate about what they do and they would want nothing more than to keep you updated with the latest happenings with regards to the loft conversion. They would not hesitate to set up a group chat involving the people that matter. They arrived to the place on time and they were always dressed properly so you know that they are here for some serious business. Yes, they would not mind getting involved with what is needed in order to let everyone know they mean business.

It is no surprise how the Sorrey loft reviews increase each day with the fact that it would be a lot better to know what you are getting yourself into when you hire them in the future. Indeed, there are people who have all the time in the world to write these reviews even if it does not really benefit them that much. The reason for that is because they are in the crossroads of their lives and they are at a point when they would not mind giving advice to people who would believe them as it would be up to you if you would. One thing is for sure, they have all the credentials in the world and it would be tough to discard something like that.

They would upload pictures on their Sorrey loft reviews in order to let the whole world know the big difference when the company got done with the loft conversion. From a far glance, it does look like they were able to do a lot of things to it that made it look like the beauty that it is today. The best part is that they cleaned their mess after they were finished with their tasks. They sure know how to please a customer and they would get serious consideration in the near future.