Loft Conversion

Intriguing Loft conversion ideas

Loft conversion ideas are plentiful. They range from the excessively expensive to the reasonably priced and on to ones that cost next to nothing. From simple changes that don’t involve any demolition work, like shifting a wall, adding some windows and extra ceiling light, or hanging a TV at an angle in the corner of your one-room space, to more complicated projects involving structural alterations such as roof adjustments or window installations, there are plenty of loft conversion ideas out there for you. Here are a handful of tips to help you create the ideal space for yourself:

  1. Make use of a pitched roof

This option is perfect if you have plenty of headroom above your new sleeping quarters. You could also add a mezzanine floor area over the bedroom, which would give those in the bedroom lots of privacy while letting them enjoy the open-plan living space below without disturbing anyone.

  1. Install a skylight

This is another quickest and most cost-effective way to convert an attic. If you have good visibility throughout the space, it’s also one of the most fun. It would be great for creating a modern home office or a sunny lounge area that can double as an upper-level bedroom.

  1. Make use of an old staircase

A staircase will likely be unused space in your house, so use it wisely! This particular loft conversion idea uses deep hallways to create two rooms and several steps up from ground level to provide storage space for art and other items that you don’t want to clutter up your main room.

  1. Use the rafters to create an enclosed mezzanine

This is a design that can be adapted to suit your space. And it’s great if you have lots of things you don’t want others to see, as these secret compartments are just big enough for a bed and a piece of furniture.

  1. Install floor-to-ceiling windows

While bay windows can cost tens of thousands of pounds, the same effect can be achieved by installing floor-to-ceiling windows, which are much less expensive. If you need inspiration for colors and materials for your new room makeover, look at the surrey lofts reviews for images of modern loft conversions and get lots of ideas from photos posted by homeowners!

  1. Make use of a suspended ‘shelf.’

This particular loft conversion idea relies on the fact that the rafter above is at roof height, so this plan involves installing a series of ‘shelf brackets’ to support floor-to-ceiling curtains, blinds, or other types of window coverings. A good example is featured at the top of this blog post.

  1. Install a floating staircase

If you have a particularly tall ceiling, this loft conversion idea may be for you and it makes it much easier to access the attic space from the main room!

When creating loft conversion ideas, remember that space is not just about square footage. Depending on what it is that you need the space for, you need to ensure that it has enough space around it so that you can move around freely without bumping into things or getting stuck.