Plan a Heist Using Bing Maps Add in Excel

It would feel great to plan a heist like what Michael Scofield did back in Prison Break. There will be many instances of when you think you got caught but it turns out you didn’t so better use Bing maps add in Excel. It is one of those things that prisoners were not able to use back then but now you know that it is important to take advantage of these things when you have the advantage to. Besides, there is no need to spend countless hours trying to learn as you will just enjoy all the features you can get out of it. It would be time to go back to those times when Scofield would explain getting some kind of USB from the Company by rolling out a map. Now it is digitally possible to do that with the help of bing maps add in Excel. It is something that you can add when you feel like you have the urge to. Yes, you will need to point out where everyone will start with the heist. Whether it is stealing something from a bank or a huge financial institution, you know you will need money at the end. When that happens, it would be a pretty sad end for everyone involved just when you think you got what it takes to barge in and take what should be yours.

Better not repeat yourself for those people who are not really listening to you as you would be wasting a lot of time with people like that. Just ask them to get out of your face and replace them with more capable individuals because you know those people would be assets that will serve you when you need them the most. Of course, it is not a blessing in disguise but rather something that will keep you in the cool about what is going to come in the future. Better remain focused on the task at hand so that you would not lose your concentration in getting the right amount of stuff within you because it is just out there but you don’t really know how to take advantage of it because the opportunity may not be there forever. There may be something else on the line when you check it out the next time.

There are just too many possibilities that you will get caught by the authorities so better make sure that point that out in your bing maps in Excel. It is one of those things that will need to be addressed right away as there needs to be many backup plans when things go awry. This is why Scofield had too many tattoos and all of them would symbolize too many things just as you thought you would not be able to get them when the time is right there. You just need to be alert of any developments. As usual, there are a few stuff that would be changed when everything is said and done.